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Daisy at Christmas in Washington DC!

January 22, 2000:

Daisy's mom Suzy wrote:

"Daisy is thriving. She has grown in every direction - she is now a whopping 20 pounds and stands a whole 2 foot one! She continues to be the happiest child we could have ever hoped for - we will be going about our day and suddenly hear peals of laughter coming from the living room. We rush in and find her giggling about nothing apparent to us, but of course we burst into laughter along with her. The house has never been happier.

"She adores her jumper, a flying saucer like contraption with all kinds of noisemaking apparatus embellishing the surface. She is like a wild Captain Kirk, spinning things, pressing music buttons, gazing in the mirror - yes, Daisy has learned eye-hand coordination! Today for example she spent hours clobbering the spinny thing with the teething thing. She still doesn't crawl, but she sure wants to! She travels through a complicated choreography mix of rolling, scooching, and pushing backwards. She and the cats have a mutual interest in each other, and she has begun a form of petting that is basically a grab and squeal kind of action, but the cats seem to like it. She has begun eating baby food daily, but is very clear when she has had enough - it's the spoonful that she takes in and then does a loud bronx cheer with. Jackson Pollack style eating.

"Her sleeping habits have gotten a bit less predictable - some nights she's the perfect creature we knew in China, sleeping through without a peep, but about every third or fourth night she turns into a little banshee. At those times, Teletubbies do help, but some nights bedtime just does not happen till dawn."

December 25, 1999:

Daisy traveled with her parents to Washinton DC and spent the holidays with more of her family. She met Grandma Joyce, Grandpa Ed, Aunt Kris and Uncle Tom Miller for the first time!

Daisy and Aunt Kris