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Baby Daisy with happy parents Suzy and Robert

Daisy Miller-Fuentes is the daughter of Robert Fuentes and Suzy Miller-Fuentes. She was born in Kunming, China in April 1999. Daisy now lives with her parents in California, where she is adored by a large fan base of family and friends.

Upon meeting Daisy for the first time, Suzy wrote:

"Today we met our daughter. She is beautiful! Good natured, beautiful, sweet-tempered, unafraid, and a little chubberina! Robert and she bonded instantly, and I a few seconds later. She loves being held, and smiles. We met her at the orphanage, which is quite nice, very clean and user-friendly, and the caretakers seem to really care about the children.

"Tomorrow she is ours. We can't believe it.

"She is a dream baby! Brave, unafraid, great sense of humor, and sleeps , well, sleeps like a baby! Only better! Ringing phones don't even wake her. And wakes up happy. A happy happy girl."

And Robert wrote:

"I'm in love with another woman. I cannot wait to begin my life with this little bundle of joy (this LARGE bundle of joy - she's a whopper!). She seems very healthy.... Tomorrow we'll be strolling around town with our brand new baby. She's very calm, fits easily into my arms, and makes eye contact."

"She slept in a crib supplied from the hotel, and we just stared. And shed some tears of joy. We cannot wait to share with you all the new addition to our family. We are now the proud parents of Daisy Miller-Fuentes."

Photos: above right, Suzy and Robert with Daisy the first time they met her on Gotcha Day. Below, Suzy, Robert, Daisy with Xiulan, their facilitator.